Blapiece : 

At BLAPIECE, we are driven by the power of community building and use fashion, art and technology as a means of connecting and sharing experiences with incredible people from around the world.
We believe every single person has something unique to offer. Every week, we scout and curate a group of interesting people to join our mission of collective art making at the BLAPIECE mansion, our hub of creativity. The BLAPIECE team has created games that enable people - especially those who have never done art before - to paint, collaborate and bring out the artist inside them. Art works produced in these sessions are used as designs to make clothes that are as original as the people behind them. During our paint parties, we use live 3D to help people see their creations come to life in real-time, projected onto screens and worn by robot models. So far, 500 people have joined us on our journey to collaborate with 1000 artists.

The BLAPIECE community is a network of creatives, innovators and business executives. Our community keeps us inspired and pushes us to do inspirational things. Although Mito, an entrepreneur from Turkey, had never painted as an adult, he came to a paint session and told us it gave him “that specific positive feeling I remember from childhood.” Lily, a photographer from the UK, said “seeing your art on the clothes and them looking so good is really exciting and makes the group feel proud of what they have produced.”

We are technologically-driven. BLAPIECE’s Model Ambassador is a robot named Derek and his female robot counterpart is currently being created. Our clothes are designed using 3D modeling and we get genuinely excited about the future. That’s why we’ve built a world of all things BLAPIECE in digital form: our metaverse in Cryptovoxels. It’s a place where people can interact with the brand, visit our art gallery and enjoy an immersive shopping experience from anywhere in the world. We accept payments in 7 different cryptocurrencies and have our own BLAPIECE TOKEN, a parachain built on Substrate and linked to the Polkadot network, to do our part in catalyzing the token economy.
BLAPIECE has big plans. We are currently connecting with brands to form collaborations that will see our designs rebrand a wide range of products, from electric bikes to furniture. Our vision is to spread the transformative power of our community both digitally and physically by working with different groups of people and establishing an art residency in Bali. After the success of our recent painting sessions in Indonesia and the UAE, we will continue expanding globally. Feel free to ask us about the business model of our collaborations or our future plans of expansion – we would be more than happy to share what we have in store with you.


The pieces that make up Blapiece.

B is the black frame in the logo, a frame for art , Blapiece is creating new frameworks for art.
La Piece is French, ‘the piece’, quite simply that 'special piece.



Blapiece is the future.

The future of fashion with it's unique designs and futuristic fashion vision.

The future of art for using art in all it's designs.

The future of art through technology for using all the 3D modelling and digital art to create the designs 

The future of block chain and crypto by having its own BLAPIECE TOKEN and by using blockchain Technology for all the transactions that made within the brand.






The future starts now!

Blapiece is where you can  be part of a revolutionary artistic community connecting  innovators ,inspirers and creators, Injecting life and passion  explore and create news forms of art fuses with technology

while breaking tradition with the block chain and  Blapiece crypto currency.



Wear the future

Blapiece is breakthrough, bold luxury streetwear, outstanding in a crowd immediately grabbing attention and admiration.

 Each individual piece is highly collectable and  serial numbered in limited numbers. Designed to start a conversation , meet another person  wearing the same design ,connect and start a discussion.


Creating a caring future

Naturally, recycled materials are turned  into  high-quality and eco-friendly fabrics.

 A dedicated percentage of profits will be donated to selected causes.