Blapiece :



The pieces that make up Blapiece.

B is the black frame in the logo, a frame for art , Blapiece is creating new frameworks for art.
La Piece is French, ‘the piece’, quite simply that 'special piece.



Blapiece is the future.

The future of fashion with it's unique designs and futuristic fashion vision.

The future of art for using art in all it's designs.

The future of art through technology for using all the 3D modelling and digital art to create the designs 

The future of block chain and crypto by having its own BLAPIECE TOKEN and by using blockchain Technology for all the transactions that made within the brand.

Blapiece limits all its collection to a limited number and it comes in different categories as 

1- Premium (golden) collection which is going to be 1 OF 30 ITEMS.

2- silver collection which is going to be 1 OF 60 ITEMS.

3- bronze collection which is going to be 1 OF 100 Items.

4- black collection that will be 1 of unknowing Items.



The future starts now!

Blapiece is where you can  be part of a revolutionary artistic community connecting  innovators ,inspirers and creators, Injecting life and passion  explore and create news forms of art fuses with technology

while breaking tradition with the block chain and  Blapiece crypto currency.



Wear the future

Blapiece is breakthrough, bold luxury streetwear, outstanding in a crowd immediately grabbing attention and admiration.

 Each individual piece is highly collectable and  serial numbered in limited numbers. Designed to start a conversation , meet another person  wearing the same design ,connect and start a discussion.


Creating a caring future

Naturally, recycled materials are turned  into  high-quality and eco-friendly fabrics.

 A dedicated percentage of profits will be donated to selected causes.



Meet the Visionary.

Since early child hood  I have experienced and lived-in diverse cultures, the

 vibrancy of Africa. the richness of Morroco , and been inspired by the uniqueness of many other cultures. Cultures  where creativity is a way of life.

The sounds of these cultures also resonated with me, each having something uniquely special  yet finding an underlying connection like a secret language.

Seeing these different countries garments was a great stimulus, suggesting shapes and colours that were virtually designed by climate and environment.

My introduction to the world of crypto coin and blockchain was equally exciting in my career as a finance advisor inspiring me to  incorporating art, fashion, technology and finance.

Blapiece is a creating digital culture with all of these elements and the diverse merging into one.